Rabu, 28 November 2007

cahaya aneh di keraton solo

kraton solo is one of the place, the centre of magic power in central java,
as what we can watch on the image above is a ghost which appears as light which can move from one place to another, at the image above we can see the movement of the ghost
deppends on my oppinion, it is a jin ghost which comes to increase their power in kraton solo
or it can also one of the mistical power which send by paranormal to destroy or keeping the mistical environment in kraton solo

Hantu saat adzan di transTV

this is one of the most famous ghost in indonesia, kuntilanak ghost appear when adzan magrib program was played. it was very scary, i also ever watch this ghost in adzan transTV program.
but now you will never see this ghost agan in the adzan transTV program because it had been changed a view months ago by the transTV program manager.
but, dont worry you still can watch the image above

Selasa, 27 November 2007

Hantu kuntilanak di tempat kost

can you see the white woman with long black hair in the back of the girl, that is kuntilanak ghost that appear and captured by camera.
i am so scary, but the girl is so beautyful;l, i like the girl hehehe :)

Senin, 26 November 2007

Hantu kuntilanak di kamar

i do not realy believed about this image, because the image is very real, the ghost appearance should be transparent, but what appear here is not a ghost, because of the reason above

Hantu di jembatan

can you see the image above the ghost were appearin front of the photographer
it was very scary, weather i do not really believe that this was a real ghost.

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