Rabu, 30 April 2008

Hantu di keraton solo

The small light above was the light of magical power which is captured in solo central java Indonesia. No one know what is it, but depends on my opinion, as we know that solo is one of the center of agical power in indonesia, actually in javanese island, may be it is one of magic light which is send by paranormal to someone in the solo, especially in keraton solo. Actually this light is not so scary, because it was captured accidentally. it will be so scary if it is captured in the night when you are alone and leaving the way at keraton solo.

Hantu Afzan Trans TV

Several months ago our television media was disturbed because of the appearance of kuntilanak ghost in transtv one of indonesian TV station. There on ADZAn Which is published in transTV a woman ghost which appear as a kuntilanak make all people scary to watch the adzan at transTV any more. As What You can see above The kuntilanak ghost appear near the stair, behind the flowers. Many people believe that this is the real ghost which is captured accidentally. this is true without any manipulation. The image above is the real ghost which is captured by camera. The real camera. And the real TV show on trans TV :)

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