Sabtu, 29 Desember 2007

Hantu kuntilanak di kamar

look at the white things behind the man near the door, the is some thing captured by camera there. and i believe that the things which captured by camera that is the kuntilanak ghost, and i am so scary about it.

Hantu gendruwo di pantai

this ghost is also seem to be true, but tthe background of the image (the island i mean) had manipulate the image soooms to be gendruwo ghost for all.
i dont know is it true or not but the strange is this image was captured in the evening, and it is not common for the ghost to be appear on the evening.
and the ghost is not so clear it is just seem to be a tree.

Hantu Pocong di perkemahan

Look at the right side of the image, that is the real pocong ghost which is captured by camera when college studen had a camping activity. the pocong ghost captured is as scary as usualy it was scened by movie maker. but some thing strange found here, why do the student does not watch the poconmg ghost and why do the pocong gost appear there.

Hantu pocong di kamar

it seem to be true but all image is blur so we can not identify is it true or lay. the white things which standing and captured by camera aboove looked like a pocong ghost, but it is blur. one of my oppinion is about a whoman who praying and captured by camera and the camera was moved on, so the image were being blur.

Selasa, 18 Desember 2007

Hantu Bola api

This fire ball can be the fire of the ball which used for football games in west java. its very vamous there. but at the sourch of this image which taken from primbon .com said that this is the mystic fire ball which throwed by paranormal for mystical fighting. i dont know which true but i jut give the reference about the picture above.

Hantu bayangan jin

By watching this image i remember about aladin and his magic lamp. can you see at the right side of the image a big man which indicated as jin ghost was captured by camera. it seem to be real the jin body is so big it so strange so big and trensparent. may be the jin is keeping the some one on the photo.

Foto penampakan hantu dalam iklan SCTV

Click on the image above to see the original size

This is the image of one of commercial scene in SCTV one of the biggest indonesian television channel. At that picture, said that there is some think like kuntilanak ghost in the commercial scene, how can it be if the author and the producer of the commercial do not include the ghost at thet scene but at that picture we cxan see 2 kuntilanak ghost both dancing and following the music. it is very funny i think :)

Selasa, 04 Desember 2007

Hantu mahluk aneh saat pernikahan

you may not be watching this image clearly as same as me, but the mystic of indonesia especialy for java and their ceremony, make everything has related to magical power. as what you see at the photos above, some time indonesian people do not provide the think that should be profided for the mistical human. then they came to the human life to ask for it, but it just my guest.

Hantu kuntilanak di siang hari

i really do not know what it means, but look at the woman with long hair behind the people, thet seem to be kuntilanak ghost is not it? is that real? i do not know, because it is impossible for the ghost to be appear in the evening and it is impossible for kuntilanak ghost appear in the busy place as show in the picture above

Hantu kuntilanak di pinggir jalan

i found this image a view days ago in the internet, firstly i found this image i do not which is the ghot, but after a moment i see at the left side of the photo i found a woman with white dress were standing in the left side of the road. thats very scary, kuntilanak ghost standing waiting for some one to be killed hiiiiiiiiiii

Senin, 03 Desember 2007

Hantu kuntilanak penunggu rumah kost

i dont really think about why do i like to post kuntilanak ghost, may be it is caused by the magic of kuntilanak which make me scare and it was more real that another ghost. as what you see at the image above, kuntilanak ghost were captured in one of boarding house, i dont realy know is that real or noot, but the image above is vary scary thats seem to be real, this image is very famous in the internet. espesially for indonesian theritory

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