Sabtu, 24 Mei 2008

Hantu Kuntilanak, Hantu Wewe dan Hantu Arwah

One more kintilanak picture in a room. I don’t know the possibility of the real kuntilanak ghost in this room, because this kuntilanak ghost are seems to be too real before claimed as the real kuntilanak ghost. When I find this ghost picture, It is claimed that when the boy capture his self in his room there is no one in the room except him. But I don’t really believe. There are so many people are capture a fake ghost and claim that they was alone when capturing the ghost. I think the picture above is same as the fake ghost picture. The women which looked like a kuntilanak ghost is the sister of some on who capture this picture J

Foto Penampakan Hantu Tsunami

Can you see the picture above in the right side of the picture there some one captured in transparent. Is that some one, means some one who die and life again as a ghost? This picture was captured from the tsunami natural disasters. The picture above show us about the possibility of ghost of tsunami’s victims. The picture above was captured when the people are praying for the tsunami victims.

Senin, 19 Mei 2008

Hantu Jin Botul Keluar Dari Botolnya

The jin ghost finally captured. Look at the big guy in the right side of the people. When I watch this picture, I always remember about Aladdin the movie. A kind jin ghost always help Aladdin and accompany Aladdin to any where he go and give everything that Aladdin want. In this case is it possible for the jin ghost in the picture above is the same ghost like the Aladdin jin ghost. May be Aladdin is available on the picture above.

Hantu Sundel Bolong Asli Di Bawah Pohon

Usually when I watch the kuntilanak ghost, I often consider and determind whether is it true or fake. One of the scariest ghost, as what you can see on the image above, in theleft side of the man, the some one transparent. That seems like an old woman and white dress and long hair. Yes that seems like the real photos of kuntilank. I guess this picture wac captured accidentally, it may the man on the picture don’t know that he had capture a picture in a wrong place. It so good because the man on the picture are still alive and share this picture to us.

Hantu Sundel Bolong Di Rental Komputer

Do you have a job? Do you have an extra time to do your job? If you are working alone in your office, be aware with the fliying woman as same as what you can see on the image above. There are some thing, It is looked like a woman with long hair and white dress. Yes it is look like a kuntilanak ghost. Do you know about kuntilanak ghost? Yes, I what I often talked about this kuntilanak ghost which always ma us scary. I don’t know exactly is it true or not, but this ghost picture is very scary. It seems to be true, and it seems to be the real picture of kuntilanak ghost.

Foto Boneka Tempat Hantu Tuyul Berada

Do you know bout tuyul ghost? It is just some think like a little kids who stole your money from your money box. Tuyul is a thief, they stole money and given to some one who take care with them. Tuyul do not have a place to life like a room or a ghost house. They live in a little doll. Like what you can watch on the image above. The tuyul ghosts are living here. Each tuyul ghosts will life in one doll. They will life there in the morning until the evening. When the night comes, they will go out of he doll and asking for the food to he people who are care with him. If you are afraid with tuyul ghost, you must do a lot of pray. Don’t forget to pray before you place your money.

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