Rabu, 26 Maret 2008

Hantu Bola Api di Langit

This is one another hantu api or fire ghost which captured from the entrance of a house in the night. i don't really know about it but some time for Javanese people hantu api will always be scary. this is looked like a mystical power which usually send by paranormal to some one. It is a media which used by javanese paranormal to send a message. It can also as a hantu jin who being as a fire, then flying to go to their world.

Hantu Kuntilanak Penunggu Ruang Kelas

Hey look at the woman in the left side of the way. Whooow she is very scary is not it? i have ever watch hantu kuntilanak in the movie and the image above remain me to hantu kuntilanak in trowongan casa blanca the movie. hantu kuntilanak will always be scary for me and the is the most scary ghost for me. hantu kuntilanak is litle bit same with hantu wanita It is really scary is not it?

Hantu Penunggu Ruang Kelas

This is student ghost, look at the left side of the students there some thing strange there, that is looked like a woman with long hair. but she don't have face and she don't look like a human. this is looked like usually what we watch in the horror movie. May be it is caused by the student who die in the class then she came to her class and look for more friends. it is looked like hantu kuntilanak but i classify it as hantu wanita because she still so young. it so scary is not it?

Selasa, 18 Maret 2008

Hantu kabut mobil

This is one of the most famous ghost picture in indonesia, i dont know this is real or just laying, but if this is real, i am thinking that this is look like the flying ghost. it may also the power of ghost which is sending or attacking something. the capturer said that he captured this image accidentally when he capture his car. Is it scary for you, i hope so :)

Senin, 17 Maret 2008

Hantu kuntilanak di sungai

This is one another ghost which is not real. Although this ghost is looking like kuntilanak ghost, this ghost is really laying. dont you think that ghost will never appear in the evening? have you ever thing what the ghot will do in the river. look at the man at the center, he is so handsome is not it? i think he just want to get popular by publishing this photo.

Sabtu, 15 Maret 2008

Hantu wanita yang bersembunyi

I really believe that this photos is laying. This is not real. the technique used to create this photos is bu using sepia effect. the digital camera usually have this effect. sepia also someties called as white and black effect. i think the woman behind the man is one of the friends of the man above accept the cameraman :)

Penampakan Hantu Api

This is the next fire ghost. i know that many people complain about the photos which published in this blog is not so real, But some thing that i need to publish in this blog is not to make you scary watching the photos. if you visit this blog then you are looking for the scary photos, you will be disappointed. Because i don't publish the scary photos in this blog. If you interested in watching the scary photos, i suggest you to visit this blog nightmarebox
This is the real Indonesian ghost photos, not The most scary Indonesian ghost photos

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