Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Hantu Arwah Gentayangan

i dont really believe with this ghost picture, i can't determine which is the ghost. if we watch at the left side of the picture we can found some thing strange which appear and looked like a pocong ghost. but when we move to the right side of the picture, there we can find there is a strange light which is looked like the light of a jin ghost which usually appear as a spirite or the piwer of mystical material. this picture is not so scary but it so interested to be talked at this blog.

Penampakan Hantu Wewe Di Sekolah Serem Banget

i was really impressed by this ghost picture, when the first time i watch this ghost picture i remember one of the most scary movie. it is the ring ghost. do you still remember with the ring ghost? yes when i watch this ghost picture, then i remember with the ring ghost. this is just looked like a japan ghost which appear as a woman with white skin and long black hair. she have a long black finger and she wear a white dress. she look so perfect like a kuntilanak ghost. but i dont really believe that this ghost is true ghost picture :)

Asap Yang Mirip Hantu Kuntilanak

This is one another kuntilanak ghost which i write on this blog. as we know that kuntilanak ghost is the ost wanted ghost to view. i know it from te information that i got from the shutbox that there so many people who afraid with kuntilanak ghost. kuntilanak ghost also clasified as woman ghost. their appearance is looked like a wewe ghost and sundel bolong ghost. based on the kuntilanak ghost the movie kuntilanak was a ghost which is looking for her cildren. which die when she was pregnan. she was born in the yard.

Penampakan Hantu Kuntilanak Di Sebuah Lorong

This is one another kuntilanak ghost after so long time i stop to write on this blog. look at the ghost picture that seems like a real ghost picture is not it? but how can this ghost be? it is really imposible for some one to capture a ghost picture as close and as near as this picture. can yu imagine when you are alone and then when you anter some room you are shocked with the appearance of this ghost. like on the movie then you will be huned every time and you will be fear for ever you can not sleep deeply.

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