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Hidup Bersama Dengan Hantu Jenglot

This is what paranormal investigation group Seekers are determined to establish after bringing the now-famous ‘jenglot’ back to their Ampang headquarters for observation last Friday.
Indonesian supernatural expert Muhammad Idrus, said that the existence of man-made ‘jenglot’ in Indonesia was widespread.“They are sold to people who use them to scare people from stealing fruits from orchards or to ‘safeguard’ a venue,” he said.He hopes the ‘jenglot’, which is undergoing DNA testing at Universiti Sains Malaysia, won’t turn out to be a fake.“It may affect the credibility and reputation of the paranormal investigating community,” he said.

Penelitian Tentang Hantu Jenglot

A jenglot is a vampire-like creature resembling a small human with long hair. It is being shown at several museums, including the ongoing Pameran Misteri, Jin, Hantu dan Keranda at Sultan Alam Shah Museum, Shah Alam. “We had obtained the owner’s permission to examine the creature and had them X-rayed. One showed the presence of bones in its arms,” said Syed Abdullah. “We want to know if this creature is for real. The owner bought the jenglot in Indonesia for between RM5,000 and RM30,000.” Zafarina, who had examined the teeth of a 2,000-year-old human artifact discovered in Gua Niah, Sarawak, last year, said she needed a month to examine the jenglot. “From the naked eye, the creatures looked like they were constructed. “The hair looks like it was implanted while the body parts pasted together. The teeth are not as old as the body parts.

Jenglot Monster Kecil Yang Misterius

Have you ever watch and touch the jenglot puppet? do you like this scary puppet? yes of course. this is a mythical puppet which is known as the place where tuyul ghost will alife. this jenglot puppet are eating the blood. the puppet owner always give blood to this ghost at jum'at legi. look at the hair ad the teeth of this ghost. it is getting longger and longger. it so scary is not it. i believe that you will so scare if you watch their eyes. no one can make this ghost. this is a mythical puppet that you will never find except in indonesia

Foto Hantu Jenglot

Do you know about jenglot ghost? the picture above is the picture of jenglot which i was taken from one of indonesian site which talking about this jenglot. the university student from jakarta and some doctor from RSCM jakarta were testing the DNA of jenglot on 1997. and the result of the research show us that jenglot is a life. They have the same structure as human. the team were searching and looking for the information of the life of jenglot. the jenglot that found was 3112 years.

jenglot was known as the life of tuyul ghost.

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