Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

Penampaan dua hantu bersamaan

this is one of my wonderfullk indonesian ghost photos collection. in this picture, we can find two ghost appear in the same time. the first ghost is the light ghost, as you can see. and the second is the kuntilanak ghost. can you see some one behind the light, that is the ghost. that is the kuntilanak ghost.

Penampakan hantu kuntilanak di keramaian

this is one more kuntilanak ghost photos collection, which i dont know the truth, the kuntilanak ghost is apear as real as what it shown above. as real as human i mean. i also can not determind thet this kuntilanak ghost is originally indoinesian ghost photos, i just think that this is not indonesian but chinese ghost.

Selasa, 15 Januari 2008

Foto penampakan hantu asap

this is one another ghost photos, which i dont realy know the truth. when i search on the net then i found this photo, this is clouds ghost photos, it look like casper ghost is not it? but it is not casper. tho ghost photos like this were usually captured by using a clouds or the smoke f the cigaret. but in this image the clouds is look so soft, and its look like a ghost or may be a casper ghost

Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Hantu kuntilanak hitam di dalam kelas

Black kuntilanak appear in a classroom, it so scary, but this is not real, i believe that this is not the real ghost, they try to manipulate us and laying and saying that this is kuntilanak ghost. this black kuntilanak ghost also published in primbon.com, but i really do not believe about it.

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2008

Hantu kuntilanak penunggu sungai

can you see the kuntilanak ghost in the right side of the image. thats seems to be true, but i think this photos is not the true ghost, this is just the photoshop editor, but the designer is so excelent, he can manipulate the kuntilanak ghost as same as the real ghost.

Penampakan hantu kuntilanak di bawah pohon

can you see the kuntilanak ghost behind the girls, wow thats so wonderfull, is that the real photos? i dont know, but i am so scary watching this photos, and i dont wish to meet kuntilanak ghost in my life, its better to meet the girl on the photos then meet the kuntilanak ghost, wether it is not real.

Senin, 07 Januari 2008

Hantu jin di depan rumah

the image above shown us about the jin ghost which captured by camera accidentally. the imag above are the sare ghost which usualy captured in television broadcaster as jin ghost which only appear as a haze.

Foto Penampakan Bola Api

the image above is the fire ball which, created by paranormal. it is as same as mystical power that sent by a paranormal to their enemy. some times it seem as apower like a ball which as same as shown above, but some time its just look like a haze.

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