Rabu, 06 Februari 2008

Hantu pocong di antara gadis berjilbab

This is one another pocong ghost which captured in the room. in here the pocong ghost was smiling to the photographer. this is very funny. don't think that his ghost is real but i think this lok so real. i mean he ghost in the photos was captured and marked in a transparent. this is real.
is it eal? i dont think so.

Hantu pocong di mesjid

This is one of pocong ghost photos collection which captured in a mosque, this ghost photos is not so scary, and i also thinking about he reality of his ghost. this host is not so real. and i don't really believe that his ghost is real. i thing the thing which claimed as ghost s just a woman who are praying in the mosque. because of the woman in the mosque is as same as pocong ghost

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